Monday, October 11, 2010

It gets better... though not for everybody.

While I'm in the US, I've come across with all sorts of information, and giving that its mid-term election time, information is everywhere concerning the issues and interests of all sorts of groups here. One of the main issues however, as expected, is the issue of gay relationships, legal status and of course, discrimination.

Most notably, and this is something that I've come across since before coming here, is the issues regarding the wave of gay suicides as a result of massive bullying in high schools, or taunting as was the case in Tyler Clementi's suicide, who was broadcasted over the internet having sex with someone.

In one of my visits to the local Barnes & Noble, the was this medical journal's research regarding psychopaths and how they can distinguish between right and wrong and actually stopping from doing the things they do. Though I'm inclined to think that this would be the case with bullies, the answer is much more simple: Although the can't (in fact) stop doing the things they do, its because they're too stupid to do so, not because they are sick. Anyone who feeds on the pain of others knows all too well of his own weaknesses in order to perform the acts they carry on out. But its because we don't act that his conduct carries on through time.

I think its time to act.

During my days in school I can't say I was bullied, at least not in ways I couldn't defend myself. Schools I've been into have been too small, too strict or not strict at in for it to matter. But I can't say I haven't seen bullying arround me.

Journalist Dan Savage recently started a campaign, and I want to promote this campaign through this blog. He calls it "It Gets Better". And it does. Personally High School was the most boring time of my life, although I learned a lot, it wasn't until just 3 or 4 years ago I realized nothing of what happened back then matters now. And it doesn't matter in a way that I look back at the stuff happening back then and I just laugh at it. Seeing where I am now, and where my rhetorical bullies are... its just epic.

High school, or school in general, is one of the most important times in one's life as it is where one shapes an identity for one's self and its incredible how a single human being can absorb the things being said and done around him and how all this information can control the way you think and act (good or bad) and its up to us to decide how all of this converts us into what we are. In times like now when we have so many resources it is unacceptable to allow lesser human beings make you feel less than what you are for being who you are.

Believe it or not, your parents are always there. If not, trust your brothers and sisters who are older, they've been there done that and (hopefully) moved on in life to bigger and better things and they can guide you. And even though I haven't taken that extra step for reasons personal to me, I know that if I should take that step,  I'd have their support. Live your life to the fullest, be the best at what you do, and always help others and you'll see nothing you do in your private life will affect how others see you. If it does, it means they really weren't that important to you.

Some videos below.