Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The PC Chronicles, Volume I: The Delegates.

So here i begin my journey, first clearing up that old issue with the vis a i had a few months ago. After that happened I figured I was not trying hard enouch to live life to the fullest and take full advantage of everything I can and should be doing.

With that in mind I took this challenge as an Instructor very seriously, as it would be the first time I would be traveling back to DC since I participated in Presidential Classroom back in 1999. My first mission was of course  to settle with the Delegation.

In general, the group was very good. Although 3 missed the trip and only 7 went to Washington, D. C., to this day it was the most nerve-wrecking experience I have ever dealt with in my life: What fi they got sick? Lost? What if something goes wrong? Being that I'm not much of a planner, I decided to do what i do best, and just flow with it: If something happens, we'll deal with it.

The Delegation was made up of 13 students: 7 native Dominicans and 6 role players form the United States of America and South Korea. They all did a marvelous job, with certain boys and girls coming up front when it came to impressions.

Of the Dominicans, I think that the best performance came from Lorena, Diego, Natalia and Mario. For different reasons. Overall, I think Lorena was the more focused student, she identified quickly the issues she wanted to address and assumed leadership early on here in Santo Domingo and in DC. Diego, though critically harassed by the public, I think had the best "summit-wise" performance, as he was actively involved in his working group issues, and was part of the groups success in overturning six of the nine negatives with amazing results, although not having a final Yes, the results were amazing. Natalia assumed leadership under relative stress conditions, and did her best to lead the Delegations vote in certain issues, having learned not to make decisions without her peers knowing in a very particular and vocal way. Finally, Mario gave the Summit the accent it required. I asked him to take advantage of the opportunity and he did, which is more than I could've asked and more, because I know this will be an important part of his evolution towards adulthood.

Of the role players, everyone did a good job with their roles, and not to put down anyones effort, the most interest was showed by Sheila, who really did a great job both defending our Nation in an international forum, and as a Leader, I can certainly not expect less from her, and though she did not get the coveted "Yes", I am sure the experience (if fully absorbed) will serve for many more experiences in the future for her.

The only negative note I can highlight form my students is that of the issue with Nicole, for whom I had to beg like a 7 year old in Sarasota Avenue not to be sent home. I certainly do not endorse behavior such as that and although she might have not noticed, as she spent the rest of her week with her mind elsewhere, I was really really disappointed in her. I really did not see that coming.

Other than that I also had a good impression of the rest of the Delegates form around the world, specially my dearest Eva Altmann, whom I thought had an excellent results, and from my point of achived a lot more things than anyone would have expected given the special circumstances. From Eva, I certainly do hope to hear a lot in the future, she's a bright young woman with a lot to give and i certanly do commend that.

Thats that regarding the students, tomorow, more on the speakers.